Human Being

from by Odelyah



Human Being

Faith is what makes us one
We follow faith
We don’t mind the ego
That stops us from livin' the truth
Behind all lies

He said I have to talk to you
And tell you this life
Is bigger then we ever thought
It's not about the physical
It is the greatest gift that we all got

You find the major people
In the minor corner
In a little room sharing talent and growing
Not afraid to follow fears
Not afraid to be alone and sing

Jah say you have to put more faith in you
If you take the chances sometimes you have to pay
Knowing that through all this crisis yeh we grow to be…

Human being
Human sin
Human being
Human seeing

By Odelyah Oknin


from Fields of emotions, released July 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Odelyah Israel

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